About the contract
16 June, 2024

The relationship between the supplier and the customer is regulated by the rules of the retail market approved by the supply contract and GNERC Resolution N 13 of August 13, 2020 and the supply contract which is on its hand approved by GNERC. The supplier is obliged to publish the standard terms of the supply contract on the website. The Customer shall be bound by the Supply Contract after the completed and signed contract is presented to the supplier. Along with the signed supply contract, the customer must submit to the supplier:

a document certifying the ownership of real estate, the consent of the owner of the real estate or, in case of a household customer – a document that is the basis for registration of ownership;

in case of the person responsible for payment of the service fee – his / her consent.

The supply contract is considered concluded by the customer upon joining the supply contract published on the supplier’s website in the above manner. A contract is not required to be signed by the supplier. The signed contract can be submitted either physically, by submitting it to the service center or by sending it by e-mail.

The following types of contracts are approved by GNERC according to the types of supply services and categories of customers:

Universal service contract for the population

(Download) GEO Version

Must be completed by individuals who consume electricity for household purposes.

Universal service contract for non-residential customers

(Download) GEO Version

Must be completed by a legal entity with the status of a small enterprise.

If the customer does not have the status of a small enterprise and therefore such an agreement should not be filled in by legal entities if:

  • Across Georgia (both ENERGO-PRO and Telasi network) has at least one point where it is a high voltage consumer (6/10 kV and high voltage) or will become a high voltage consumer under this agreement,
  • is a budget organization,
  • a legal entity is a first or second category enterprise provided by the Law of Georgia on Accounting, Reporting and Auditing

Public Service Supply Contract for Non-Household Customers


Must be completed by all non-residential customers except small business organizations.