JSC "EP Georgia Supply" has been providing supply services since July 1, 2021 in the electricity distribution license area of JSC "ENERGO-PRO Georgia" within the framework of the obligation imposed in the form of public services.



  • Customer is authorized to

    Choose supplier, conclude supply agreement with supplier with the conditions and terms acceptable for him/her and receive supply service by observing the requirements established by the agreement and Georgian legislation.

  • Registration instead of an existing customer

    If the real estate where you want to register as an electricity consumer has already been supplied with electricity and another customer is already registered, you should contact us in the standard application form, where corresponding column will be marked with the customer change

  • Amount on the bill with "-" (minus) sign

    If the customer has paid the service fee more than what is given in his bill, the overpaid amount will be reflected in his account as a positive balance and will be used for the next payment. The mentioned amount will be written in the bill with a "-" sign.

  • Customer complaints and disputes

    With the purpose of revision of customers’ claims and making the corresponding decision, there is standing committee functioning in the company. Company carries out its activity by observing the principles of equality of rights, transparency, impartiality and justice

  • About the contract

    The relationship between the supplier and the customer is regulated by the rules of the retail market approved by the supply contract and GNERC Resolution N 13 of August 13, 2020 and the supply contract which is on its hand approved by GNERC. The supplier is obliged to publish the standard terms of the supply contract on the website.

      From July 27, Energo-Pro Georgia customers will pay the electricity bill through JSC EP Georgia Supply payment services

      From July 27, JSC Energo-Pro Georgia customers will pay for the consumed electricity through the payment services of JSC EP Georgia Supply. According to the company, customers with debts to Energo-Pro Georgia will receive a warning SMS on July 26 about the amount of the debt, and for information, the same SMS will indicate that from July 27 the debt must be paid through EP Georgia Supply payment channels.

      27 January, 2022

      "Energo-Pro Group" purchased 167 MW ten hydro power plants in Spain

      Independent producer of electricity, Czech company "Energo-Pro" a.s. expands its activities in Galicia, Spain. The Company completed Xallas Electricidad y Aleaciones, S.A.U ("Xeal") and Feroe Ventures & Investments S.L.U. ("Feroe") acquisition of 100% equity capital of companies from leading global investment firm SIXTH STREET. This is one of the largest Czech investments in Spain. To finance the transaction, "Energo-Pro" a.s. received a loan of 300 million EUR from J.P. Morgan and Goldman Sachs. Xeal owns and operates ten hydro power plants with a capacity of 167 MW and two ferrosalloy plants.

      06 October, 2023