Supply Service
16 June, 2024

General Information

Electricity supply services are provided by the electricity supplier, while the supply service recipient is the final retail consumer of electricity. The supplier buys electricity in the wholesale market of electricity and supplies it to the customer through electricity transmission networks (Georgian State Electro System Network) and distribution networks (JSC ENERGO-PRO Georgia network). The full tariff charged to the customer for supply service includes all the services required to supply electricity to the customer. Tariffs for transmission and distribution of electricity are set by GNERC and are fixed regardless of which supplier the customer receives the service. Supply service is regulated by the existing supply contract between the parties and the retail market rules approved by GNERC Resolution # 13 of August 13, 2020.

Supply service is conventionally divided into two parts: supply as public service, free supply and supply of the last alternative.

Electricity supply in the form of public services

In Georgia, such supply is provided by JSC “EP Georgia Supply” (for customers connected to the network of JSC ENERGO-PRO Georgia) and LLC “Tbilisi Electricity Supply Company” (Telmiko) (for customers connected to the Telasi network). The public supply obligation is imposed on the supply companies by a decree of the Government of Georgia. Supply rates are set by GNERC. In turn, such services are divided into universal and public supply. Universal supply is received by the population and small enterprises, and public – by other non-household consumers defined by the Government of Georgia.

Free supply

The free supplier is not limited by the geographical area of ​​supply and no supply tariff is set for it. Any retail customer can receive supply service from a free supplier at a pre-agreed price and terms.

Supply of the last alternative

Such services are provided by the Government of Georgia to the same suppliers as public services in the respective areas. The last alternative supply service is used by customers who have lost a free supplier for any reason. The supply tariff for the last alternative is set by GNERC.