Customer complaints and disputes
16 June, 2024

General information related to the customer’s claims and revision of disputed issues

With the purpose of revision of customers’ claims and making the corresponding decision, there is standing committee functioning in the company. Company carries out its activity  by observing the principles of equality of rights, transparence, impartiality and justice

Customer is authorized to  address the commission or court   with the purpose  to protect its own  rights and legal interests in accordance with the rule for revision the disputed  issues approved by the Law and Georgian Energy and water supply regulatory  national commission.

Members of the commission

Commission is staffed with the specialists having working experience in energy field who are distinguished  with high professionalism, responsibility and objectivity

Revision of the claims

Claims  will be revised by the commission upon survey of the proves and assessments foreseeing the customers’ interests.

During the revision of the claims commission directs with:

  • Georgian Law “On Energy and water Supply”
  • “Electricity Retail Market Rules” approved by the Georgian Energy and Water Supply Regulatory Commission and  other legal acts of the commission.
  • Practice established by the commission and court

Within 10  working days from submission of the claim, customer is notified on satisfaction of the claim  or on its refusal. Herewith, in case of satisfaction of the claim, company  will ensure fulfillment of the decision  within no later than 3 days and in case of refusal for satisfaction of the claim, customer will be given the explanation on the right for appealing the court or public  defender of customers’ interests existing  at the commission.